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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Arturo Mantecón & Gilberto Rodriguez - October 26th

Time Tested Books
is proud to present
Poets Arturo Mantecón
& Gilberto Rodriguez
with musical accompaniment by Arturo Balderrama
 Wednesday, October 26th, 7:00pm

Arturo Mantecón

Local poets Arturo Mantecón and Gilberto Rodriguez will be reading the work of two renowned Spanish poets, Leopoldo María Panero and Francisco Ferrer Lerín.

Francisco Ferrer Lerín (Barcelona, 1942) is undoubtedly one of the most original and "problematic" poets of the second half of the twentieth century. His literary ability was manifest at an early age, and he was marked as serious poetic talent.

Then began a period of silence starting in 1971--only broken in 1987 by the publication of his third and last book of poems and in 2005 by the publication of his novel "Níquel". He departed from the literary world to pursue the study of ornithology becoming, in the process one of the world's great experts on the subject of the vultures, ravens, and magpies.

Leopoldo María Panero (1948-2014) was arguably the greatest Spanish poet after García Lorca. Confined to insane asylums for the greater part of his life, he believed himself to be the reincarnation of Charles Baudelaire. He was, in his own words, as intelligent as Nietzche, and he wrote with the same sort of prophetic vehemence as did that great German philosopher.

Rodríguez and Mantecón will also present their own work in addition to reading the translated poems of Panero and Ferrer Lerín.

This event is FREE and everyone is invited.

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