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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Former Capitol staffer Jimmy Lewis presents new memoir 'Listening to the Jar Flies' - February 17th

Time Tested Books 
is pleased to welcome
Jimmy R. Lewis
reading & signing his new memoir
Listening to the Jar Flies:
Growing Up in Wheaton and Rocky Comfort
 Wednesday, February 17th, 7:00pm

During his 33 years as a Sacramento Bee reporter, staffer for Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, the state treasurer's office and the State Building & Construction Trades Council, Jimmy Lewis often regaled his friends and associates with tales of the characters he knew as a country boy in the Missouri Ozarks. Now in retirement, Lewis has brought these "country-smart" individuals to life with a fascinating book of short stories that chronicles the lives of the colorful folk who lived in or near Wheaton and Rocky Comfort, Missouri.

Those two little towns may have appeared to be sleepy villages in the mid-twentieth century, but they were home to an aging former cowboy who years earlier had bested Old West legend Tom Horn in a knife fight; a faith-healing preacher who sought converts as a four-foot bullsnake slithered around his shoulders, and an air force fighter pilot who narrowly averted firing a missile that could have started World War III.

BlueInk Review comments: "In this delightful memoir, Jimmy R. Lewis does for the Ozarks what Garrison Keillor does for Lake Wobegon. Lewis has compiled an appealing and enduring love letter to Midwestern small town life of yesterday."

Clarion Review, which gave Jar Flies five out of five stars, caught the flavor of Lewis's book when it stated: "Lewis is a talented storyteller. Reading these accounts is like being at a family reunion, hearing lively tales--preferably told outdoors in late summer, with the...jar flies, or cicadas, buzzing in the trees."

Jimmy R. Lewis earned a journalism degree from the University of Missouri. He worked as a newspaper reporter and was a staffer for the U.S. Senate and the California Legislature. Lewis and his wife Jan live in Fair Oaks.

This event is *FREE* and all are welcome. 

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