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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ad Lumen Press 3-way book launch! - July 10th

Time Tested Books 
are pleased to present
Daniel Rounds, Jason Sinclair Long,
and Lois Ann Abraham
Thursday, July 10th, 7:00pm

 American River College’s Ad Lumen Press proudly releases three new books this summer--from fiction writer Lois Ann Abraham, microfiction writer Jason Sinclair Long, and poet Daniel Rounds. Join us at Time Tested Books for the launch of these three exciting new books and literary voices. The authors will read from their work and sign books.

Lois Ann Abraham ~ Circus Girl & Other Stories 
A little girl discovers the power of the creative impulse. A woman remembers her first confusing sexual encounter. An aging flower child travels to Mexico to save her daughter. A baby is born with blue feet. A man ponders his ex-wife's last word. Those who live in the pages of CIRCUS GIRL & OTHER STORIES are seeking—wisely or foolishly, successfully or vainly—to make sense of their lives and to become more completely themselves. For some, the self-examined life leads deeper into darkness; others find the crack in their universe that lets the light in.

Jason Sinclair Long ~ Tiny Giants: 101 Stories Under 101 Words 
After the birth of his first child, dramatist, fiction writer, and former Blue Man Group member Jason Sinclair Long set out to write one piece of microfiction every day for a year. Tiny Giants collects the very best of those pieces. A genre-jumping, maniacal look at love, loneliness, joy, despair, terror, and laugh-out-loud humor, Long's work is a study in brevity and a firm claim that a perfect story can ultimately be told with a scant handful of words.

Daniel Rounds ~ some distant lateral present
Contemporary history, mathematics, and human agency. Possibility, potentiality, and human subjectivity. What makes a world real, knowableeven, in some sense, meaningful? What are the sources and limits of our ability to know and direct ourselves? Is emancipation possible? And what is desire? How does it make one feel? How does it map the transversals of our days? Poet Daniel Rounds doesn’t provide any answers to these questions, but these themes are ever-present in his work. His is a poetry of human affect subjected to measurement and quantity. Inspired by the continental philosophy and social theory of scholars like Deleuze, Badiou, and Agamben, some distant lateral present is poetry as intellectual, emotional, and phenomenological argument, challenging the reader by disturbing given categories and shared social imagery. 

The event is on Thursday, July 10th, at 7:00pm, and is FREE & open to the public.

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