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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Aaron Pribble Reading & Signing Teacherland

 Time Tested Books 
 is proud to present
Aaron Pribble
 Reading & Signing 
Inside the Myth of the American Educator 
Thursday, October 19th at 7 p.m.

In the popular narrative teachers are cast as saints or slouches, heroes or zeros. They either forgo their material well-being for the reward of a higher calling, or they show movies, have too much time off, and are impossible to fire. 

Teacherland fills the gap between these two clichés with insight, humor, and conviction. How do you manage a room of energetic adolescents and ensure everyone is learning? What happens when some students begin with a distinct disadvantage while others have every opportunity? How do colleagues and friends help counteract the profession’s inherent isolation? What happens when you make embarrassing comments in class, or can’t use the bathroom when desired? How do you deal with Back to School Night and Open House, staff meetings and rallies and dances?

These are but a few of the questions Teacherland considers, with the ultimate goal of improving our education system by humanizing the teaching profession. It aims to reframe the debate about what it means to teach and learn and to show—for real—what life is like behind the curtains of one of America’s most important occupations.

Aaron Pribble is the author of Pitching in the Promised Land: A Story of the First and Only Season in the Israel Baseball League (2011). An award-winning educator whose work includes "Pribble is a Chiller": Student Input and Teacher Evaluations, Dreaming of Baseball in Havana, and Fastball in the Desert among other publications, Aaron teaches social studies at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, California.

 This event is FREE and everyone is welcome. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bruce Jennings reading/signing 'The War on Califronia' - September 7th

 Time Tested Books 
is pleased to present
Bruce Jennings 
Reading & Discussing 
The War on California:  Defeating Oil, Oligarchs and the New Tyranny
Thursday, September 7th at 7 p.m.

One of the most important conflicts of the twenty-first century is fought daily within the California Legislature: the ultra-hazards of fossil fuels. As one of the world's largest economies, the outcome is crucial for the role of democracy and the future of the planet. For more than two decades as a senior adviser to the Legislature, Bruce Jennings has gained firsthand experience in this trench warfare between public and private interests.

The arc of these stories centers on a diverse group of advocates and whether they can overcome an entrenched corporate lobby to address the disasters of a changing climate before it is too late. Make no mistake-these accounts describe dark money, covertly fashioned laws, sudden betrayals, and surprising victories. Weaving together a history spanning decades, Jennings takes the reader on a political tour inaccessible to most readers.


 About the Author:  
Bruce H. Jennings is the author The War on California: Defeating Oil, Oligarchs and the New Tyranny, a narrative non-fiction based on his many years of service in the California Legislature. He is also a candidate to become a board member for one of the worldʻs largest public pension funds, the California Public Employeesʻ Retirement System (CalPERS). His episodic blogging can be found at Calpolitico (calpolitico.blogspot.com).

Bruce H. Jennings was born in Oakland, California. He graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley and received his doctorate in Political Science at the University of Hawai’i. Bruce is a former member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers.

Bruce has taught at several institutions, including the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Montana, and the Evergreen State College. He has delivered lectures at the Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo (Mexico) and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Bruce’s research includes several appointments as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and as a Fulbright Scholar conducting research on the North American Free Trade Agreement in Mexico.

Bruce retired in 2009 as staff to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee after having served as one of the senior advisers to the California Legislature on environmental policy over the course of two decades. He began his career as a Senate Fellow in 1984 and has served as a senior consultant to the Senate Office of Research as well as the chief of staff to the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.

This event is FREE and everyone is invited.  

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alice Anderson - "Some Bright Morning, I'll Fly Away" - August 31st

Time Tested Books
is pleased to present
Alice Anderson 
Reading & Signing
Some Bright Morning, I'll Fly Away
Thursday, August 31, 7:00pm

Some Bright Morning, I’ll Fly Away is a deeply poignant memoir set in a post-Katrina Mississippi. Alice Anderson is returning to assess the damage to her beloved Mississippi coastline and the once-immaculate home that she’d carefully cultivated for her husband, Dr. Liam Rivers, and their three children. Liam is the town hospital’s highly respected Chief of Medicine, for whom Alice willingly left behind her writing life in New York and vestiges of her modeling career in Paris, to become a wife and full-time mother. In the wake of this natural disaster, the tenuous balance of her marriage is lost as Liam’s mental health spirals. When Liam violently attacks her at knifepoint, Alice is saved only by their three-year-old son. The author flees with her children, and what ensues is an epic battle—emotional, psychological, spiritual and legal—for redemption, preservation of self and the welfare of her children. It’s a battle that continues even as life goes on, finally coming full circle when the same son who saved her ten years later endures a violent encounter at his father’s hands. Even as she confronts the harsh realities of high-powered Southern lawyers and a corrupt legal system, Alice finds redemption in her blossoming children and the reclamation of her true self.

"Like blowtorching through silk, Alice Anderson’s alchemy is to turn the shattering pain of her life into poetry. Heartbreaking, terrifying, and shattering, Anderson’s powerful fight for her kids and her own safety becomes a story of breathtaking redemption and yes, beauty." --Caroline Leavitt, bestselling author of Cruel Beautiful World

“Some Bright Morning, I'll Fly Away is as stark as it is beautiful, a hard-won life so full of sorrow and joy that it runs down the great rain chain of heaven, singing like a choir of determined angels. It broke my heart wide open and out fell all this thunder and lightning and beautiful star stuff and rusty silver, torn silk, and the old diary we carry around in our bodies. Quite possibly the best memoir I've ever read.” --Jo-Ann Mapson, author of LA Times bestsellers Bad Girl Creek and The Wilder Sisters

"Alice Anderson's stunning memoir begins with cathedrals made of our scars. In this time of fear and doubt, of seemingly perpetual midnight, this book rises to sacredness in its heroic honesty, its warrior's heart, and its profound beauty." --Luis Alberto Urrea, author of the American Book Award-winning Nobody's Son, and The Devil's Highway, The Hummingbird's Daughter and Into the Beautiful North

Alice Anderson has spent decades advocating for domestic violence reduction and fights for women and children enduring high-conflict custody battles in the wake of family battering. Her work has appeared in literary journals including Agni and New Letters and is featured in anthologies such as American Poetry and On The Verge. Her second collection of poetry, The Watermark, contains three Pushcart Prize–nominated poems; her first, Human Nature, was published to critical acclaim. The recipient of The Plum Review Prize, the Elmer Holmes Bobst Prize, and The Great Lakes Colleges Best First Book Prize, she also received the Haven Foundation Grant from Stephen King.

This event is FREE and everyone is invited

Friday, July 21, 2017

Poets Daniel Rounds & Traci Gourdine - August 24th

Time Tested Books
and Ad Lumen Press
are pleased to present
Poet Daniel Rounds's eros zero
with Traci Gourdine 
Reading / Signing / Q&A
Thursday, August 24, 7:00pm

Join us for an evening with poets Daniel Rounds and Traci Gourdine, celebrating Rounds's new poetry collection eros zero from Ad Lumen Press. Don't miss it!

Daniel Rounds's poetry has been featured in Aufgabe, 3rd Bed, Goodfoot, XConnect, Fish Drum Magazine, and American River Review. His first book of poetry, some distant lateral present, was released by Ad Lumen Press in 2014. He lives and works in Sacramento.

Traci Gourdine's poetry and stories have been
published in numerous literary magazines, and she has been anthologized within Shepard and Thomas’ Sudden Fiction Continued (Norton Publishing). Traci and Quincy Troupe were paired in a year-long exchange of letters for the anthology Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics, and Community (Saturnalia Books). She is co-editor of Night is Gone, Day is Still Coming (Candlewick Press), an anthology of writing by young Native writers, as well as We Beg to Differ, poems by Sacramento poets against the war. She has also co-edited the Tule Review with Luke Breit for the Sacramento Poetry Center. Traci Gourdine is a professor of English at American River College and chaired the Creative Writing department for the California State Summer School for the Arts from 1998 - 2013. She was Chair of the Sacramento Poet Laureate Committee for three laureate terms. For ten years she facilitated writing workshops within several California state prisons in the Arts in Corrections program for the William James Association. Her recent collection is Ringing in the Wild, published by Ad Lumen Press in 2015.
This event is FREE and everyone is invited

Monday, May 29, 2017

Michael Wallis reading & signing 'The Best Land Under Heaven' - June 29th

 Time Tested Books
is pleased to present
Michael Wallis
Reading &Signing

The Best Land Under Heaven:
The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny

Thursday, June 29, 7:00pm

 Few incidents in Western history have had such a hold on the American imagination as the story of the doomed Donner Party.  In Michael Wallis's expansive and myth-exploding account, THE BEST LAND UNDER HEAVEN, grim legend gives way to dreams displaced.

Like his best-selling biographies of Billy the Kid and Davy Crockett, THE BEST LAND UNDER HEAVEN taps into Wallis's deep understanding of the frontier mindset that fueled westward expansion in the mid-nineteenth century.  Most of us have a basic understanding of the ghoulish outcome of the Donner expedition; nearly ninety emigrants bound for California in 1846 were snowbound in the impassable Sierras, and half survived the brutal winter months only by eating the dead.

Yet, as Wallis argues, it's a tale that is far more than cautionary-- the underlying circumstances area a fascinating case study of the Unite States in the age of Manifest Destiny, and of the foot soldiers who led the way west.   The part itself was a cross-section of American; though dominated by two families (the Donners and the Reeds), they represented the strata of wealth, age groups, education, and ethnicity drawn to a new life beyond the prairie.  Many were escaping hardship, others chasing quick riches, and some simply inveterate adventurers.

Retracing their steps, Wallis gives one of the most detailed histories of the Donners and Reeds before they set foot from Illinois, a tale that unfolds against a fascinating portrait of Springfield in the 1840s (which housed another young dreamer, Abraham Lincoln).  George Donner and his extensive brood come to life on the page, a family of farmers uprooted on several previous occasions and whose fortunes were spread thin after an economic panic swept the nation.

Culminating in that infamous impasse near Truckee Lake, California-- since renamed for the Donners-- Wallis gives a riveting account of the wrong turns, bad decisions, and reckless behavior that led to tragedy, and sensationalized the world.

About the Author

Michael Wallis, the best-selling author of Route 66 and Billy the Kid, has published eighteen books and won numerous honors and awards.  He is a popular public speaker and a highly acclaimed voice actor.  He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This event is FREE and everyone is invited

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Michelle Tea reading/signing 'Modern Tarot' - June 25th

Time Tested Books 
is pleased to present
Michelle Tea
for a reading & signing of her new book
Modern Tarot

 Sunday, June 25th, 3:00pm

With her trademark wisdom and sharp sense of humor, author Michelle Tea (Rent Girl, Valencia) shows how tarot offers moments of deep connection during a time when connection is ubiquitous but rarely delves beneath the surface. Based on over 25 years of experience and a deep and abiding love of the cards, Tea’s new book MODERN TAROT brings her charm, authenticity and knowledge to the tradition of the tarot. Tea brings a fresh approach to the tarot guide infused with her unique insight, dark humor and pop sensibility. Modern Tarot is a fascinating journey through the cards that teaches how to use this tradition to connect with our higher selves.

Whether you’re a full believer of the cards or a digital-age skeptic--or a little of both--the power of tarot is open to everyone. This guide doesn’t ask you to believe in magic or insist upon using tarot as a divination tool. Instead, fiercely insightful descriptions of each of the 78 cards in the tarot system (each illustrated in the charmingly offbeat style of cartoonist Amanda Verwey) and specially designed card-based rituals that can be used with any deck help take readers on a path toward radical growth and self-improvement.

Author, activist, and queer/feminist icon MICHELLE TEA is the author of five memoirs, including the award-winning Valencia (now a film). Her novels include Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, the first in a Young Adult fantasy trilogy published by McSweeneys. Tea is the Founding Artistic Director of RADAR Productions, a queer-feminist literary non-profit in San Francisco, and is the editor of Sister Spit Books, an imprint of City Lights. Her writing has appeared in The Believer, n+1, Buzzfeed, The Bold Italic, Marie Claire, xoJane.com and many other print and web publications.

This event is FREE & all are welcome.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mason Gizard reading & signing 'Dad in a Day' - June 6th

    Time Tested Books
is proud to present
Mason Gizard
Reading & signing his new book
Dad in a Day:  When My Mom's Kids Became My Own 
Tuesday June 6th at 7:00pm 

The human spirit can take a lot of hits before it breaks; some more than others. Mason Gizard's story is one of heart break and strength; chaos and focus; aloneness and community. His life is unbelievable but so is his courage to untangle the dysfunction he inherited upon his mother's death.

Dad in A Day pulls the reader into the middle of a heartbreaking story of loss, turmoil and triumph while inspiring you to notice the stories of those around you. Mason Gizard shares his family's
story in a beautiful and challenging voice that will create not only an empathy for those coming from extremely difficult circumstances but a desire to actually do something to help.

About the Author:

Mason’s mission is to help people discover life beyond their crisis. Mason has firsthand experience being homeless as a youth and living as a foster child. He also became the caretaker of his teenage siblings and his one-year-old niece when he was 20 years old after his mom died, in 2008. Currently, he works with homeless youth in the Sacramento region. He also speaks at schools all over the world sharing his story of growing up in the foster care system and being a homeless youth, and most of all, sharing how he was able to rise above his circumstances. He is an advocate of mentoring young people and focuses much of his work on prevention. Mason now serves as the Director of RiseAbove, a program helping foster and homeless youth. Having a unique perspective of someone who was in foster care and had a good experience, as well as being a former “kindafoster parent” to his siblings, rising above the challenges of youth homelessness. Now being a provider to foster, and homeless youth he has an invaluable expertise that helps guide the vision and mission of RiseAbove. Mason is available for bookings. He speaks to youth and adults alike. For more information and continued resources, visit MasonGizard.com.
This event is FREE and everyone is welcome.