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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tuesday, June 6: Mason Gizard reading & signing "Dad in a Day: When My Mom's Kids Became My Own"

    Time Tested Books
is proud to present
Mason Gizard
Reading & signing his new book
Dad in a Day:  When My Mom's Kids Became My Own 
Tuesday June 6th at 7:00pm 

The human spirit can take a lot of hits before it breaks; some more than others. Mason Gizard's story is one of heart break and strength; chaos and focus; aloneness and community. His life is unbelievable but so is his courage to untangle the dysfunction he inherited upon his mother's death.

Dad in A Day pulls the reader into the middle of a heartbreaking story of loss, turmoil and triumph while inspiring you to notice the stories of those around you. Mason Gizard shares his family's
story in a beautiful and challenging voice that will create not only an empathy for those coming from extremely difficult circumstances but a desire to actually do something to help.

About the Author:

Mason’s mission is to help people discover life beyond their crisis. Mason has firsthand experience being homeless as a youth and living as a foster child. He also became the caretaker of his teenage siblings and his one-year-old niece when he was 20 years old after his mom died, in 2008. Currently, he works with homeless youth in the Sacramento region. He also speaks at schools all over the world sharing his story of growing up in the foster care system and being a homeless youth, and most of all, sharing how he was able to rise above his circumstances. He is an advocate of mentoring young people and focuses much of his work on prevention. Mason now serves as the Director of RiseAbove, a program helping foster and homeless youth. Having a unique perspective of someone who was in foster care and had a good experience, as well as being a former “kindafoster parent” to his siblings, rising above the challenges of youth homelessness. Now being a provider to foster, and homeless youth he has an invaluable expertise that helps guide the vision and mission of RiseAbove. Mason is available for bookings. He speaks to youth and adults alike. For more information and continued resources, visit MasonGizard.com.
This event is FREE and everyone is welcome.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday, July 7th: David Hicks Reading/Signing 'White Plains'

 Time Tested Books  
is pleased to present
David Hicks
for a reading and signing of his debut novel

White Plains
Friday, July 7th at 7:00pm


DAVID HICKS grew up in New York, moved to Colorado in his thirties, and is now a professor at Regis University in Denver, where he co-directs the Mile-High MFA in Creative Writing. He has published stories in such fine journals as Glimmer Train, Colorado Review, and Saranac Review.  White Plains, his first novel, has been called “a gorgeous and unforgettable debut” by Kathy Fish, “an extraordinary novel” by David Lazar, and “a captivating debut” by Leni Zumas. David, who also plays saxophone for a rock band called the Plagiarists, lives with his wife Cynthia in Colorado, and his two grown children live nearby.

This event is FREE & all are welcome.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Kanishk Tharoor reading/signing 'Swimmer Among the Stars' - April 20th

Time Tested Books 
is pleased to present
Kanishk Tharoor
for a reading & signing of his new book
Swimmer Among the Stars
 Thursday, April 20th, 7:00pm
An interview with the last speaker of a language. A chronicle of the final seven days of a town that is about to be razed to the ground by an invading army. The lonely voyage of an elephant from Kerala to a princess's palace in Morocco. A fabled cook who flavours his food with precious stones. A coterie of international diplomats trapped in near-Earth orbit.

The stories in Swimmer Among the Stars reveal an extraordinary young storyteller in Kanishk Tharoor, whose tales emerge from a tradition that includes the creators of the Arabian Nights, Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges, Angela Carter and other ancient and modern masters of the fable.

"A refreshingly profound and gifted 31-year-old writer . . . Swimmer Among the Stars is a mesmeric introduction to a writer . . . the work of a storyteller who stands lucid on the cusp of reinventing storytelling."
--India Today

"A magnificent collection of short fiction. It transports one into a different world, especially with its minute details, achieving the near-impossible with words."
--The Hindu

"Tharoor's prose is rich, imaginative and free of needless complexities; it is the plots of the stories that stand out with their edgy unpredictability . . . A fascinating read, Swimmer Among the Stars promises great things to come from its young author."
--New Indian Express

Kanishk Tharoor is a writer based in New York City. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Guardian, the VQR, and elsewhere. His short story “Tale of the Teahouse” was nominated for a National Magazine Award. He presented "Museum of Lost Objects," a ten-part BBC radio series on cultural destruction in the Middle East. He studied at Yale, Columbia, and New York University, where he was a “Writer in Public Schools” fellow.

This event is FREE & all are welcome.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Raychel Adler reading & discussing 'Life in Asymmetry' - March 8th

Time Tested Books
 is pleased to present 
 Raychel Kubby Adler
 Reading & Discussing
Life in Asymmetry

 Wednesday, March 8th, at 7:00pm

As a young girl, Raychel Kubby Adler dreamed of having boobies. Wearing a polka-dot bikini top stuffed with Kleenex, she would stare in the mirror envisioning two beautiful coconuts. But in the next 36 years, her outlook shifts, and when she looks in the mirror, all she sees sitting on her chest are ticking time bombs.
Life in Asymmetry tells the story of what happened in between. From the "flatlands" of puberty, across the "boobie mountains" of parenthood, and traversing the "landmines" of genetic breast cancer, Adler illuminates what it means to live with genetic cancer and to be a "previvor"- a person who is predisposed to an illness due to their genetic status. In this dazzling memoir, Adler  examines the interplay of genetics, personal choice and chance that shapes each of our lives and asks us to explore the course of actions we might take when offered a unique glimpse into our possible futures.

By telling her story, Adler brightens the horizon for future generations of previvors, including her two daughters--so that they may know the unmarred beauty of life's asymmetry.  Let them imagine coconuts.

Raychel Kubby Adler lives in Davis, California, with her husband, two daughters and their dog Chewbarka. She holds a Master's in Public Health, is a certified Wellness Coach, teaches cycling classes, runs a conflict management/physical education program, and writes a blog on wellness, parenting and breast cancer.

*Raychel will be featured on Capital Public Radio's "Insight" program on Monday, March 6th, discussing the book. Tune in from 9-10am or 7-8pm to listen!

This event is FREE and all are welcome!  

Saturday, January 14, 2017

William D. McPoil reading/signing brand-new book 'Sacramento Baseball' - March 2nd

Time Tested Books
is pleased to present
William D. McPoil
reading, discussing & signing Sacramento Baseball
Thursday, March 2nd, 7:00pm

Sacramento has enjoyed baseball since the Gold Rush. As early as 1869, the first professional baseball team in America, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, came to Sacramento and played against a locally organized team. A few years later, the Sacramento team joined the California League to compete against those from San Francisco and Oakland, becoming a charter member of the newly formed Pacific Coast League in 1903. All the while, children and adults alike were picking up the sport in the many parks, sandlots and schoolyards throughout the city. In the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, amateur and sponsored teams competed against each other for trophies and bragging rights. Then, in the 1950s, Little League, Babe Ruth League and American Legion Baseball flourished.

William D. McPoil is a lifelong resident of Sacramento. He graduated from McClatchy High School and holds a master of arts in history from CSU Sacramento. After retiring from the Sacramento Police Department, he worked as a labor negotiator and taught US history at the Sacramento campuses of Golden Gate University and Chapman University College.

This event is FREE & all are welcome.

Tim Stroshane on "Drought, Water Law, and the Origins of California's Central Valley Project" - February 23rd

 Time Tested Books 
is pleased to present
Tim Stroshane
reading & discussing his new book
Drought, Water Law and the Origins of 
California's Central Valley Project 
Thursday, February 23rd 7:00 p.m.

Drought, Water Law, and the Origins of California's Central Valley Project describes how water rights were designed as a key part of the state's largest public water system, the Central Valley Project. Along sixty miles of the San Joaquin River, from Gustine to Mendota, four corporate entities called "exchange contractors" retain paramount water rights to the river.

Their rights descend from the days of the Miller & Lux Cattle Company, which amassed an empire of land and water from the 1850s through the 1920s and protected these assets through business deals and prolific litigation. Miller & Lux's dominance of the river relied on what many in the San Joaquin Valley regarded as wasteful irrigation practices and unreasonable water usage.  Economic and political power in California's present water system was born of this monopoly on water control.  Stroshane explains how drought and legal conflict shaped statewide economic development and how the grand bargain of a San Joaquin River water exchange was struck from this monopoly legacy, setting the stage for future water wars.

Tim Stroshane received his MA in city planning from the University of California, Berkeley. An independent scholar who has studied the water, economy, and environment of California since 1980, he has worked professionally in environmental consulting, for the city of Berkeley in housing economics and policy, and most recently with environmental nonprofit organizations focused on California and its Bay-Delta Estuary. He lives in Albany, California.

This event is FREE and everyone is invited. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Post-memorial book launch for late Tom Hayden's "HELL NO" - February 21st

Tuesday, February 21  5:30pm
Time Tested Books
is proud to present
HELL NO: The Forgotten Power
of the Vietnam Peace Movement
by the late Tom Hayden
 Discussion/Q&A (following 3:30 memorial event at the Capitol) with:
Tom's wife Barbara Williams, research assistant Emma Taylor, and colleague V. John White, sharing memories and some of Tom's experiences writing this book in the last months of his life.

Copies of Hell No will be available for purchase at the event.

This event is FREE & all are welcome.