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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday, September 15: Tim Burkett Reading & Signing NOTHING HOLY ABOUT IT

Time Tested Books 
is pleased to present
Tim Burkett
reading & signing  

 Nothing Holy About It:
The Zen of Being Just Who You Are

Tuesday, September 15th at 7 p.m. 

When Zen Buddhism came to America the San Francisco Bay Area was one of its first stops. Tim Burkett was there and in his book, Nothing Holy about It, he recounts those exciting, tumultuous, uncertain days.

 San Francisco was the cradle of American Zen, and Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, the abbot of the San Francisco Zen Center, was the first to establish a center in the West. Today, Suzuki is remembered as one of the world’s great teachers, but when Tim Burkett began studying with him he was little known outside of a small group of dedicated Zen practitioners. That was in 1964 when Burkett was a twenty-year-old Stanford student and just beginning the spiritual journey that would shape his life. 

In NOTHING HOLY ABOUT IT: THE ZEN OF BEING JUST WHO YOU ARE Burkett offers an intimate glimpse into how studying with Suzuki transformed his life, how he helped establish Tassajara—the first Zen monastery outside of Asia—and how his spiritual practice has carried him through personal tragedies that include his brother’s suicide. Threaded throughout the book are koans, poems, and reflections on what it means to live according to Zen teachings.
About the Author:

 TIM BURKETT, PH.D. is Guiding Teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center in Minneapolis. He is also a licensed psychologist and director of a large mental health agency. He was a student of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and later of Dainin Katagiri Roshi, in whose lineage he is a dharma heir. 

This event is FREE and everyone is invited!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jennifer Pashley reading/signing new novel 'THE SCAMP' - September 2nd

Time Tested Books is pleased to present
Jennifer Pashley
reading & signing her debut novel
Wednesday, September 2nd, at 7:00pm

Rayelle Reed can’t escape in her small town, where everyone knows everything and not enough: All the guys she slept with, but not the ones she loved. The baby she had out of wedlock with the pastor’s son, and how the baby died, but not the grief and guilt that consume her. At a motel bar, Rayelle meets Couper Gale, a freelance detective on a mission to investigate a rash of missing girls, and she tags along as an excuse to cross the state line. But when Couper’s investigation leads them to the mystery surrounding Rayelle’s runaway cousin, Khaki, she finds she is heading straight back into everything she was hoping to leave behind. As fates become entwined, Rayelle must follow a haunted and twisted path—leading her toward a collision where loyalties will be betrayed, memories uncovered, and family bonds shattered. Unflinchingly dark and compelling, The Scamp confronts head-on the issues of family origins and the bonds between mothers, daughters, and sisters. In Pashley’s hands, the lost girls of rural and industrial America, trapped in the unforgiving systems of government assistance and single parenthood, are portrayed with depth and nuance. She exposes the ingrained poverty and atmosphere of disillusionment that damns them before they have a chance and she gives them a ray of hope for a better life ahead.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR-----------------------------------------------------------
Raised in Syracuse, New York, by an accordion virtuoso and a casket maker, Jennifer Pashley is the author of two short story collections, States and The Conjurer. Her stories have appeared widely, in journals like Mississippi Review, PANK, and SmokeLong Quarterly, and she has been awarded the Red Hen Prize for Fiction, the Mississippi Review Prize for fiction, and the Carve Magazine Esoteric Award for LGBT Fiction.

This event is FREE & everyone is invited

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Andy Domek reading & signing new kids' book 'Our Garden' - August 6th

Time Tested Books presents
Andy Domek
reading & signing his brand-new children's book
Our Garden
Thursday, August 6th, at 7:00pm

*Kids in attendance will receive complimentary seeds & instructions from the author for fall planting*

New from Travelers Series Publishing, Our Garden celebrates the joy of a father and child as they create and tend a vegetable garden together, and take readers with them to experience the entire arc of a summer gardening season.

In Our Garden, stinky shoes keep raccoons out of the corn patch, scarecrows don't scare crows, purple tomatoes taste candy sweet, and loyal garden dog Snuffles covers himself in compost. He also occasionally squashes a squash plant in his efforts to protect the harvest. Emmy award-winning illustrator Stephen Green uses bright, kid-friendly visuals to depict a vivid, living garden that shows readers where their food might come from.

The book was designed both to complement common core educational curriculum and to reflect the ethos of the Sacramento region as the "farm-to-fork" capital of the world. If you are looking for a sweet family story to read with your kids or any kids this summer, come spend some time in Our Garden.
     Author Andy Domek is a Capitol writer who has been gardening with his family since before he could walk. He lives in West Sacramento with his wife and two apprentice gardeners, both of whom helped create the story in Our Garden. Longtime Sacramento residents may remember a community garden that existed from the mid-1970s to the early 2000s on I and 25th Streets. As a teacher at St. Francis elementary school in the 1970s, Andy’s father, Gene Domek, founded the garden with his students as a “year-long experiment” that ended up lasting almost a quarter of a century. Andy and his siblings grew up in that space: hiding in a ten foot tall bean tepee, harvesting food, and getting to know an interesting assortment of gardeners all interested in healthy, affordable food—long before the rest of the region caught on. Andy drew heavily on his experience there, and gardening with his own kids to create the story in Our Garden.
     Illustrator Stephen Green has worked professionally in the field of graphic design for many years. He is an Emmy-winning animator, having spent several years in the television industry, where he also received several Sacramento Ad Club awards. He is currently a Creative Director at the State Capitol. A proud father and avid gardener, he enjoys cooking vegan meals in his spare time.

This event is FREE & everyone is invited!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer 2015: Our HOT SALE returns!

*July* 2015

Well Sacramento, we have a good news>>bad news>>good news situation. The good news? We're bringing back last summer's wildly popular HOT SALE on 100+ degree days! The bad news is that it's already hitting 100+ degrees in Sac... Which leads to more good news: we're already activating the 2015 HOT SALE!

On every day that is officially forecasted at 100+ degrees, everything on our shelves is 20% off our sticker price! (All day.) That's new books, second-hand books, out-of-print books, records, rare books, kids books--everything: if it's on the shelf, it's on sale. Come brave the heat for hot deals on cool stuff!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Elizabeth Varadan presents 'Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls' - April 29th

Time Tested Books presents
Elizabeth Varadan
reading & signing her brand-new novel
Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls
Wednesday, April 29th, at 7:00pm

In Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls, a day after Imogene's obnoxious step-cousins pay a visit, her mother's pearls go missing. When Sherlock Holmes is called in, Imogene, harboring a secret desire to become a detective, sees her chance to learn from the master himself.

Sherlock Holmes finds a plucky protégé in Imogene! The story is a true Victorian whodunit, our young heroine surrounded by a list of colorful suspects: her conniving cousin, a temperamental governess, the elderly butler, to name a few. Readers will love tracking down clues, collecting evidence alongside Imogene, and will cheer when the handcuffs are placed on the unlikely culprit. An engaging mystery for young readers! --Barbara Mariconda, author of The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons, Edgar winner and National Book Award finalist

An artful blend of mystery and friendship, The Case of the Missing Pearls introduces readers to life in 19th century London and Sherlock Holmes' engaging young assistant and apprentice detective. --Marissa Moss, author of Mira's Diary: Lost in Paris, Jabberwocky and other historicals

Of all the new and interesting partners Sherlock Holmes is finding these days, a ten year-old aspiring detective named Imogene is the most charming. Elizabeth Varadan creates an inquisitive and capable Everygirl, whose adventures, when she sets out to recover her mother's purloined pearls, expand her knowledge of her family, her future, and herself. A well-etched Victorian London setting permits Imogene to confront social differences as well as danger, and Holmes himself is the icing on this tasty mystery cake of Varadan's and Imogene's construction. --Carole Nelson Douglas, New York Times Notable author of Good Night, Mr. Holmes


 This event is FREE & everyone is invited.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Legendary producer David Singleton brings "The Vicar" to Sacramento - April 27th

Time Tested Books
is pleased to host
David Singleton:"The Vicar"
appearing, lecturing, inspiring, provoking, moving on.... 
Monday, April 27th, at 7:00pm

David Singleton, the music producer, has worked with some of the best British avant garde artists, including King CrimsonRobert Fripp & Brian EnoDavid Sylvian (Japan) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). A leading innovator, he has been at the forefront of developments in music DVD, music downloads and high resolution surround sound, as well as the field of artists’ rights, for which DGM Ltd, the label he co-founded with Robert Fripp, is rightly feted.

His latest project, The Vicar, is the convergence of all that experience. It has been described as a “groundbreaking multimedia satire on the music industry,” a heady brew encompassing novels, graphic novels, videos, social media and, of course, music.

Under the title “The Power to Believe,” Singleton gives a unique insight into what it takes to change a dream into a reality – a fascinating ten-year journey of promises from the great and the good, false dawns, disillusionment and dogged determination. Almost as much intrigue as the stories themselves. An inspiring story for any of us who aspire to realise our own dreams, in whatever field.

For more information about David, see his Wikipedia entries here:

For more information about DGM Ltd and its artists: http://dgmlive.com/

FREE event! Everyone's invited!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Christian Kiefer on brand-new novel 'The Animals' - April 2nd

Time Tested Books
Christian Kiefer
reading & signing his brand-new novel
The Animals
Thursday, April 2nd, at 7:00pm

Christian Kiefer's taut new novel calls to mind the propulsive and atmospheric fiction of Smith Henderson in Fourth of July Creek or Richard Ford in Canada. A gripping exploration of violence and betrayal set against the repercussions of a toxic childhood friendship, The Animals examines the possibility--or impossibility--of escaping one's natural instinct.

Bill Reed is by all appearances a caretaker: in particular to a menagerie of misfit animals (wolf, bear, and raptors) in a wildlife sanctuary he manages in remote northern Idaho. It's a quiet life, carefully cultivated. But when his childhood friend--and former partner in crime--is released from prison, ready to burn Bill's second chance to the ground in revenge, his tranquil present is suddenly threatened by the years that came before.

In chiseled prose beautifully at odds with the harsh, volatile world he evokes, Kiefer explores his subjects--the animals, men, and their secluded environment--with tender and unflinching empathy. Bill's animals, like these men, are wild but caged, unnerving in their brute strength but still worthy of love. A compulsive read, The Animals traces the stories of these wounded men alongside the precarious fate of the animal refuge until the two crash together in a shimmering, vicious conclusion--finally mirroring one another to perfection.

Join us for an evening with one of our favorite novelists!

Christian Kiefer lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with his family and teaches writing at American River College in Sacramento. A musician and poet, he is also the author of the novel The Infinite Tides.

 This event is FREE and everyone is invited.

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